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2017 Winning Dynasty and Redraft Fantasy Football Drafts by John Bush with Dave Cherney (Associate Editor)

2017 Winning Dynasty and Redraft Fantasy Football Drafts

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Thanks to my Great Friend and Dynasty Mentor, 
Dave Cherney** 
for doing a great chapter (Ch 20) on dynasty drafting and philosophy 
Dave Cherney is a hardworking IT professional as well as fanatic on dynasty fantasy football. Find Dave Cherney at as well twitter Dave Cherney@RoadWarrior_D 

Current MFL 10s ADP Landscapes, Rankings, Risk, and Differential Weakness Score (New Metric from the Fantasy Professors)

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Landscapes of the Drafting Patterns in MFL10s

I used other tables of draft landmarks for tie breaking. I did not reference these other materials as I am reserving the right to tell everything.


Risk vs ADP Rank

I Invented a new metric! Player Weakness DIFF Number (Player Weakness)

Live Blogging A MFL 10


LIVE Blogging Now! Welcome!

This is my first MFL 10 of the season. 
Using my Landscape data I am planning to have a TE and QB by rounds 9 and a DEF by round 13. These are a full round ahead of the ends of the first 12 TE and QB and before the great DEF run in R14.  I will try draft 3 TEs, 3 DEFs by the end

I have Draft Pick 5, I expect the 3 RBs to go so I expect to take a Solid WR 1.

Lets see what is available as the draft has just started

Below is the average predicted MFL 10 Landscape.  We expect to see a balanced RB to WR in the first 2 rounds but a very unbalanced R3 and R4 with 6 RB to 13 WR expected to be drafted.
The first 3 TEs and QB should be gone by the end of Round 4.


My Pick now as the first 4 are in.



I picked ODB but JJ was right there as well. Broke the tie in my head by the injury issues of JJ. I think Marsha…