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AFC East Team Analysis

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We Look at the AFC EAST. In TEAMs Table 1,  the side items are listed in order of the average of the team's skill players Insiders Rankings (AVG I SR), the team's skill player Outsiders Rankings (AVG O SR), the       teams players average difference between the I and O worlds, (I/O SR), The highest I SR scoring position (TOP), the worst scoring position, (BOTTOM), and the % number of skill players that have a positive I to O ratio using the I/O Diff number (DIFF Positives)

So in as you go down the side item metrics, get a sense of each team and their comparison to the other teams in the conference.

So looking at the Pros vs Joes we see all these Teams are ranked better by the Joes (Insiders) as a team than the Outsiders. Overall we have the NJY with a I/O Diff score of 34, NE has a 11,  BUF is ranked at 3.4 and finally MIA has a -0.4.  That is ranking of the Bias between the I/O worlds.

In BUF we have the lowest team ranking in the I/O Diff. We have 2 positive players in FJ and CC as the RB and TE positions. Those seen to be legit sleepers and should be on your watch list. Note the Outsiders are overbuying into Shady and Sammy and really overbuying into Percy. Seems to be 3 players not to reach for. The top player is Shady and bottom is the QB

The MIA team has the QB as its sleeper. Tannehill is a strong target as a solid low QB1 and is a great late QB pickup. The 2 WR and TE are being overbought by the outsiders. The top player is JL WR and the lowest player is KS the other WR.

In NE, Danny A is a positive sleeper and if not injured can be a fine sleeper. LB is alittle overbought as a RB. Note else to see. Brady is a little supported by the Insiders but his 4 game suspension possibility are a issue.  The top player is Gronk and bottom players are the WR/RB with Danny and J Gray.

In the NJY, we have Mr. Ridley as a sleeper, along with Decker and JA the TE. Note JA may have injury issues beware. I would certainly focus on the RB and WR as the sleepers. Note Ivory and Geno the QB are overbought by the Outsiders. The top player is BM and bottom is SR.

Table 1 AFC EAST I/O Bias Data Analysis. 

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Table 2 is the 3D Heat-Map for all the teams here. BUF we have the TE as a positive while the 3 players the RB and WRs are negative. MIA has a Strong QB and 2 WR and a TE are two negative players, In NE the show is DA the WR but his over ranking is at -67 so pump the brakes on him as a sleeper. Late or last pick?. The NYJ have a Strong TE with injury issues and a strong RB and and WR sleeper candidates.

Table 2 3D Heat-Map for AFC EAST
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