AFC South Team Analysis

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We are covering the AFC South in this post. As always looking for the edge. We at FFP believe that we can at the least provide some sharpening to your edge!

In TEAMs Table 1,  the side items are listed in order of the average of the team's skill players Insiders Rankings (AVG I SR), the team's skill player Outsiders Rankings (AVG O SR), the teams players average difference between the I and O worlds, (I/O SR), The highest I SR scoring position (TOP), the worst scoring position, (BOTTOM), and the % number of skill players that have a positive I to O ratio using the I/O Diff number (DIFF Positives)

So in as you go down the side item metrics, get a sense of each team and their comparison to the other teams in the conference.

So an overview shows that overall that three teams are in the Positive when looking at the Insiders vs Outsiders and the other team is not. TEN (+69), HOU (+17),and JAC (+18) are being ranked collectively higher by the Pros vs Joes. So those will be an area of focus to see who is being under-bought. The other team IND is about right in analysis.

In TEN, we see everyone mentioned except BS (haha) is ranked in the green. BS is in the red. The public is overbought on him. Wow almost everyone else is a focus target. Source of late sleepers. The top player is the TE and he is worth a look if you miss out on the other TEs. I am going to be looking at the others for baragins. D COBB could be a winner as well as Dorial GB. MM the QB could surprise and is an obvious dynasty pickup. K. Wright has had his shots but may can get another round on the fantasy wheel. I still would overreach for him.

HOU has a good team and need the TE CJ to step up. AF will be the top player if he is not injured. C Shorts is a ok sleeper and a ok WR3/4 BYE week or match-up play. CS is also the worst ranked player so maybe we should all sleep on him? I am on the fence.

JAC has gone through changes and has 3 sleeper players in green. They are TJ Y, AR, and ML. The two WR have to step up and give TYJ the time to improve. The red stained player is JT the TE and he is the worry on many. BB the QE is ok but not a Manning!. If you have JT you might shop him around before it explods but it could be too late. The top is TYJ RB and bottom is ML the WR.

Finally we all know about IND. Luck is the top QB and rates a 100 and Coby Cheese Fleener is the sleeper pick. He is a strong TE play. Stay focused on him if you draft TEs late. I am not too worried about Gore and will support him at the right round of the draft. This team is the hot dog on paper. Tag along with them.

Table 1 Teams Analysis 

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Table 2 is my Quick Reference 3D HEAT Map for all the teams in this group. So we scan and see the WR1 in HOU, TE in IND, 3 players in JAC and almost the whole gang in TEN as sleepers.

Table 2  3D Heat Map of the AFC South

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