Saturday, June 20, 2015

Early Depth RBs VISUALS GRAPHs Quick Comments 1 and Patterns of Similarity

Early Depth RBs VISUALS Graphs

Quick Comments 

I group Depth Charts into Patterns of Similarity. So I convert this to a cheat sheet and list the teams underneath which share a pattern. This process allows me to note the possible 2nd tier RBs or WRs to target. 

I grouped SEA and CHI as a similarity. 

Main RB with no competition. No clear understudy RB  

 photo Slide1_zpsto5orzls.jpg

 photo Slide2_zpskycwla74.jpg

I grouped CAR, WAS, KC, MIN, and GB as a similarity.

Main RB but a clear understudy RB!
 photo Slide4_zpsw3xkyriy.jpg

 photo Slide5_zps0rwplsjh.jpg

 photo Slide6_zpsm5wtgyon.jpg

 photo Slide7_zpsib1zbbzv.jpg

 photo Slide8_zpsc3mjlquw.jpg

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