Saturday, June 20, 2015

Early Depth RBs VISUALS GRAPHs Quick Comments 3_Patterns of Similarities

Early Depth RBs VISUALS Graph Quick Comments 3

I group ARI, MIA, SF, and BUF. 

Seemly a Main RB but on a Team with a strong understudy who could jump up and take touches!

 photo Slide20_zpsypxjka5h.jpg

 photo Slide21_zpsk4x7r2vv.jpg

 photo Slide22_zpslteovxdg.jpg

 I group STL, CIN,  and NO as a pattern of similarity. 

These teams have a strong RB1 but a very Strong RB2 that could jump into RBBC or even the RB1 role. 

 photo Slide24_zpsm27powsz.jpg

 photo Slide25_zps2fjv3zst.jpg  photo Slide26_zpsbrcafmxg.jpg
I group  ATL, TAM, and TENas a pattern of similarity.

2 strong RBs but the RB1 role is unclear and could flip-flop as the season goes onward. 
Invites drafting both. Use the SOS as a tie breaker or further observation in preseason etc. This is still EARLY!
 photo Slide28_zpskd8eugfo.jpg

 photo Slide29_zpsigpmzv9m.jpg

 photo Slide30_zpscycuxbok.jpg

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