Early Depth RBs VISUALS GRAPHs Quick Comments 2 _ Patterns of Similarities.

Early Depth RBs VISUALS Graphs Quick Comments 2

I grouped PIT, BAL, IND, HOU, DEN, NEP, JAX and the NYJ as sharing a pattern of similarity.

 Main RB with Unclear Understudy RBs Possibilities. 

 photo Slide10_zpst6vzchci.jpg

 photo Slide11_zpswdkp8m2p.jpg

 photo Slide12_zps5l25zqiu.jpg

 photo Slide13_zps7ev3lqtv.jpg

 photo Slide14_zpszyklgwjr.jpg

 photo Slide16_zpshhljg7sj.jpg

 photo Slide17_zps4grfbbd3.jpg

 photo Slide18_zpsmv4a94cz.jpg

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