Saturday, June 20, 2015

Early Depth RBs VISUALS GRAPHs Quick Comments 4_Patterns of Similarity

Early Depth RBs VISUALS Graphs_ Quick Comments 4

I group PHI, SD, OAK, NYG, CLE, DET, and DAL as a pattern of similarity.

A Main RB but multiple understudies that will take touches. Harder to land on the RB 2 than you would think!. The distribution of touches could surprise!. Chaos Pattern! As you draft the floor below is dissolving! So Murray is a personal concern! Be thoughtful on these teams! But with chaos coming opportunity!
 photo Slide32_zpsvahxnufz.jpg

 photo Slide33_zpsumkmb16y.jpg

 photo Slide34_zpsnzif1sed.jpg

 photo Slide36_zpsebtjzgqy.jpg

 photo Slide37_zpst66ohufl.jpg

 photo Slide38_zpsoecu3bzk.jpg

 photo Slide39_zpsamtpolso.jpg

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