Early 'Value Scaffold' for Rookies 2015

Early 'Value Scaffold' for Rookies 2015 

This is a quick post looking at the Rookies. We have rankings from the Insiders (BR) and Outsiders
(AR) and we have presented our Analysis Rankings (WR). We them scaled the 3 sources of the rankings into a Tier rankings (ATW). I have divided the Tiers and have ranked players inside the Tiers by Our Rankings (WR). High to low.  We have merged dynasty ands redraft to reflect a real story of the value of these players.

Todd Gurley is ranked 3X in value to A Cooper and 5X as valuable as K White and M Gordon. We have provide a "Value Scaffold" for you to use. I have overlaid a Color Heat-Map from Best at Green to worst at red. Tier 1 to Tier 16. Note we expand in certain tiers because the information we have is not robust.

I look across and see a sleeper in K Bell in tier 16. He is thought of high by the Insiders. We are less enthused but recognize no one has all the answers. The opposite are the anti-sleepers such as J Ajayi who we rate at 4.7 while the Insider rate him the 28.9. They are oversold on him as is the public at 16.8. We like T Coleman at 60 vs Insiders at 53.6. We like D Davis Tier 15 at -58 vs -53. D Smelter at -5 vs -17.6 (3X difference). S Coates at 0.6 vs -7 (6X difference).

Have fun looking and seeing what we are looking at.

We will try to adjust this to redraft only later.

Table 1. FP's Value Scaffold for Rookies

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