Monday, June 22, 2015

Early WR Depth Charts. Visual Graphs_ Quick Comments 4_Patterns of Similarity

Early WR Depth Charts. Visual Graphs_Quick Comments 4_Patterns of Similarity 

My quick comments is your drafting can be improved by looking at these patterns.
Since this is the first time, These patterns have presented to the public, we have no back data.

I would suspect using these patterns really help as you get past the WR1s, this year. Use these to think about injuries and who can step up.


After the fact analysis in the off season can be used for next year.

 One and None

 photo Slide01_zpsjk0i74wq.jpg

 photo Slide02_zpswqe0sjlh.jpg

Two for the Show

 photo Slide03_zpsdltmhqkx.jpg

 photo Slide04_zpsyficwlhx.jpg

 photo Slide06_zps3dbae50f.jpg

 photo Slide05_zps1nj0mflt.jpg

 photo Slide08_zps7mmqfe5v.jpg

 photo Slide08_zps7mmqfe5v.jpg

 photo Slide10_zpsreekzqws.jpg

 photo Slide11_zps3r8vnmrj.jpg

 photo Slide09_zps39zhf7b3.jpg

 photo Slide12_zpsd1ax0afu.jpg

Two and a Spare

 photo Slide13_zpssegx5slp.jpg

 photo Slide15_zpssehfsfcl.jpg

 photo Slide14_zpsf5zdbwax.jpg

 photo Slide18_zpsuzzsqm4k.jpg

 photo Slide16_zpsc1dp8qjs.jpg

 photo Slide17_zpsaq4m0chu.jpg

One and Two of the Same

 photo Slide19_zpszymxpijj.jpg

 photo Slide21_zps8jr9awee.jpg

 photo Slide20_zpsjautmfrk.jpg

 photo Slide23_zpsckhmx4it.jpg

A Whole, Half and A Fourth

 photo Slide24_zpsme7mb9fm.jpg
 photo Slide20_zpsjautmfrk.jpg

 photo Slide22_zps6skk5wda.jpg

 photo Slide25_zpsmt4qbpa8.jpg

 photo Slide27_zpspjlyttjz.jpg

 photo Slide26_zpsqowrhp6l.jpg

 photo Slide28_zpsuhdznmzu.jpg

Two and Two  photo Slide29_zpsbzvgcbqp.jpg

 photo Slide30_zpsujchsqc8.jpg

 photo Slide31_zpspbxoflve.jpg

The Stair Step Four  photo Slide32_zpsci37atvu.jpg

 photo Slide33_zpsr69wlrks.jpg

 photo Slide35_zpsx5z1hape.jpg

 photo Slide34_zpsnqnbnhuv.jpg

 photo Slide36_zpsghfakokr.jpg

One Plus Three  photo Slide37_zpsihlnudb5.jpg

 photo Slide38_zpsugvycuug.jpg

 photo Slide39_zpsqjyiksnu.jpg

Fives a Crowd

 photo Slide40_zpsb95i82tz.jpg

 photo Slide41_zpscl0e4o6z.jpg

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