Fantasy Football - The "About Right" Players 5_30_15

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Third Post our data run for this week. We started out with our Sleepers, followed by our Anti-sleepers, and now we present the "About Rights". These are players that SEEM to be valued by Insiders and Outsiders the same. So it really save you time in that these players are one there is less guesswork. So you can have more time to dig into out Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers.

Review Time

The format for our tables are the name, position and team. The next columns are our specialized rankings. First we have the I SR (Insiders Scaled Ranking) vs O SR (Outsiders Scale Ranking).Note we have rated the players in the I and O worlds and established an average for all players (Avg I SR and AVG O SR) and then using that average number, we applied a scaled ranking procedure. We have color coded the players above and below the Avg I SR and Avg O SR. Red staining are those players below average in the two columns and green staining is reserved for those players above the average in those columns.

We also then compared the I SR and O SR by subtraction. We calculate the I/O difference in these two worlds of rankings per player (I SR- O SR) and assign a number, I/O Diff.We have sorted lowest to higher, the players into their positions using the I/O Diffs numbers. 

Using the calculated I/O Diffs we look across all the players in all positions and assign a mathematically scaled ranking based on the I/O Diffs, the novel I/O Diff Rankings. 

So quickly, use these table from bottom to top as best to worst. Note the I/O Diff which is a measure of the value of the Pros vs Joes. So a negative is a player valued higher by the Joes vs the Pros. That implies a weaker pick for you. So A. Johnson is -5 vs A. Jeffery with a +5. Worst to Best in this group.

Remember most of this players are green stained WR meaning they are above average of all the WR we rated.

Table 1. WR "About Rights" Players

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Table 2 and 3 have the "About Rights" TE and QB ranked. For the TE position, the Gronk is real and the top rated by Pros and Joes. Note Kelce, Olsen and Ertz are who we think they are. Remember H. Miller was the top TE sleeper in the other post. Please compare the table data between the posts. For the QB position the A Luck is the top and is for real. M. Ryan may be a little bargain on draft day but not much. We suggest if you are a Late QB drafter look to the Sleepers we presented.

Table 2 and 3 "About Rights" TE and QB Rankings
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Table 4 is the RB "About Rights" players. So as you look as these players most are above average. But the range is from J. Bell at -5 vs J Hill as a +5. So you can be fairly confident as to the value of these RBs and you can use these ranking to search for a bargain. We suggest no reaching for any of these. Let the draft come to you! Clearly J. Charles and AP are for real and the top prospects.

Up Next. We are working on a Team approach and will post that post ASAP. Watch for it.

Table 4 "About Rights" RB Rankings. 
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