"How do you?" Series Issue #2 using the Defense SOS Data

Using the Defense Data

So we are having a series of articles on the Defense SOS. How do we use this information.

Point 1. I look at the complete journey a team will go through. I call this the "fate flow" If a team is going to have an easy time early/mid or late? Where are the hard stretches. In tough battles teams can lose focus and key player might go into slumps etc.

Point 2. I look for Slides and Climbs. These allow me to predict when to drop, waiver wire scooping, buy or sell in trades. So in season we use those to prepare our approaches.

Point 3. Use the data as Tie-Breakers between similarly-ranked players.

Points 4. Use the past to forgive player performances esp those free agents you can pick up.

Point 5. Use the data to pick your Bye Week Players. Pick up free agents that are in favorable spots in your bye a week early etc.

Point 6. In dynasty situations players whose performance is clouded by a hard stretch could be picked up a fire-sale prices. In the reverse trade based on great performances can command higher prices.

Enjoy!  FFP.


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