NFC East Analysis

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In TEAMs Table 1,  the side items are listed in order of the average of the team's skill players Insiders Rankings (AVG I SR), the team's skill player Outsiders Rankings (AVG O SR), the  teams players average difference between the I and O worlds, (I/O SR), The highest I SR scoring position (TOP), the worst scoring position, (BOTTOM), and the % number of skill players that have a positive I to O ratio using the I/O Diff number (DIFF Positives)

So in as you go down the side item metrics, get a sense of each team and their comparison to the other teams in the conference.

So looking at the Pros vs Joes,  we see that collectively in a team concept, that WAS is the most highly ranked team difference (I/O Avg Diff of +20). So that means we have Insiders ranking players higher than public which is a source for sleepers. The NYG and PHI have scores of around +7 or 8. So bargains but not as many predicted. DAL is alittle overbought and we need to watch carefully

In WAS, we have RG3 as a sleeper QB with a score of +71. Yes he is ranked by the Insiders at -41 but the public is at -113 nearly 3X worse. Definitely a potential bargain. Also  Reed the TE is a bargain as well and a good target for a late TE play. The top player is Alf and bottom is his RB backup in M Jones.

In PHI we see no green rated players but some anti-sleepers, especially R Mathews at RB. No reaching for him. The only bright spot is the rookie WR NA who is about right. He could be the play in this group. The top player is DM of course and Bottom is the QB.

For NYG we have a sleeper TE in LD and he has a +41 score and I consider him a mid tier player that you can get after the top group is gone. We have alittle bit of an anti-sleeper in AW and a big anti-sleeper in Cruz with a -42 rating. Top Player is ODB WR and bottom is AW the RB.

Finally for America's Team the DALLAS team is being drafted about right. We see Witten as a good sleeper TE (13 vs -19). You should be able to get him a bargain spot. DMC is an anti-anti-sleeper with a -40 score. The public loves him at 46 while the Insiders say nay at 5.5.  Randle is the play by the numbers. The top is the WR with Dez and bottom is TW the other WR.

Table 1 Teams Analysis for NFC EAST.

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My quick take at my data is in Table 2. This is my 3d Heat-Map. So we roll through at DAL with JW the TE as the play with DMC as the anti-play, NYG has a TE play and a WR3 anti-player in Cruz who is way overbought. In PHI we have the whole show below 0 and overbought slightly except the rookie WR. In WAS we have a QB and TE play and the rest being about rights.

TABLE 2. 3D Heat MAP of the NFC EAST

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