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NFC North Team Analysis

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We are covering the NFC North in this post. As always looking for the edge. We at FFP believe that we can at the least provide some sharpening to your edge!

In TEAMs Table 1,  the side items are listed in order of the average of the team's skill players Insiders Rankings (AVG I SR), the team's skill player Outsiders Rankings (AVG O SR), the teams players average difference between the I and O worlds, (I/O SR), The highest I SR scoring position (TOP), the worst scoring position, (BOTTOM), and the % number of skill players that have a positive I to O ratio using the I/O Diff number (DIFF Positives)

So in as you go down the side item metrics, get a sense of each team and their comparison to the other teams in the conference.

So an overview shows that overall in each team except MINN, the Insider Pros and Outsider Joes agree on the average. Note the I/O Avg Diff numbers are -2.2, -0.9, and -2.8. Note in Minn the Pros are liking the Minn team better than the Outsiders. The I/O Avg Diff is a +13 in value.

In CHI, the I and O agree but 2 players are at the negative level meaning they are overbought by the Public (Outsiders) at -9. Both K White and M. Bennett are overbought. Note the opposite situation concerns J Culter, Pros are bullish on him vs the Public and is a candidate for the Late QB drafter even at -21. The top guy is predictably Forte and the worst player is his backup KC.  Don't reach for M. Bennett as well.

In DET, the Pros and Joes see the same average team. But if you get deeper, we see on 3 positive players. The top is the TE of E. Ebron. He has been on the cusp to move up in TE ranks but is still ranked a -36. But this much higher than the public at -82. Could be a sleeper TE backup. Megatron is the top player and T Riddick is the worst. I am watching the Ameer Abdullah stock as he is ranked at 5.8 by the Pros (Insiders) vs a -15 by the Joes (Outsiders). He is a slight sleeper and given the RB could move into my top sleeper RB ranks. Watch and judge.

In the GB team, we see it is a high ranked team by I and Os. The top is double check Rodgers and bottom is Lacys back-up James Starks. No surprises here accept the D Adams is overbought by the Outsiders (-28) so he is a don't reach for candidate!.

Finally, we have MINN and this team has a top TE sleeper candidate. KR the TD reindeer is on my list as a low TE 1 (-20) if I miss the top level TEs. The top player is of course AP and JK is the bottom. JK is an back-up type or change of pace but is a solid back-up for AP. Also Teddy has a 10 I/O differ and that makes him a Late Round QB option with his individual ranking at an -8.

Table 1. Team Analysis of the NFC North. 

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In table 2 we have a 3D heat-map of all the Teams here. Quickly we see CHI has 2 slightly below the 0 mark. DET has a Low RB 3 to avoid unless in a giant league and a High TE candidate. GB has a low WR in Adams and overbought slightly in both Lacy and Starks. Finally In MINN we have a solid TE in KR and below average WRs.

Table 2 3D Heat Map of NFC North Teams. 
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