Monday, June 15, 2015

QUICK __ADP Early June Analysis

ADP Early June Analysis

Quick points.

I wanted to compare 2015 vs 2014 for the first 5 rounds in an ADP PPR analysis.

TE POSITION. In 2014 their were 4 TEs gone by round 5 and in 2015 the same. The difference is the rounds. This year Gronk is alone round 2, then Graham round 3 then the next TWO TEs in round 5.

So the first question is JG going to take a hit in production? If yes then you can wait till round 5 on average to get another TE of equal strength.

Note that in round 3 alot of WR are going relative to RBs. So get your WR  early or take the RBs while others are taking WRs. ZIG ZAG approach.  

If you are late QB then you can set get a QB 6 or so in round six.

  I added 2015 and 2014 for comparison Table 1 and 2

Table 1

 photo Slide1_zpsnnaywg1t.jpg

Table 2

 photo Slide2_zpsg3fg2jeq.jpg

Table 3

 photo Slide3_zpsgix87xmb.jpg

Table 4

Its a running count of the 4 positions. I point out the count at each of the rounds. So at the end of round 5 we are through the RB2s and WR2s  but still the bottom of QB1s and TE 1s. 

Use this in your planning

 photo Slide4_zpsckixm2m5.jpg

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