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What Rounds are the best to look for your Sleepers?

What Rounds are the best to look for your Sleepers?

The Answer is Round 2. 6 of 12 are undervalued by the public! So in Round 1 most of the players are who you think they are. About pick 11 does it start. We have a run of bargains.

 photo Slide1_zpscp7yzwqz.jpg
R3 and 4 are where the overbought players are sitting. 12 /24 players are overvalued here.
 photo Slide2_zpszhuq7quv.jpg
Round 5 is a fair round not alot to see here. R6 and end of 5 we see a run of bargains. Also mixed in are overbought players. So you see the job is separate the sleepers here.
 photo Slide3_zpse3elva36.jpg
Round 7 and 8 are chock full of nuts. Overbought players 13/24 here. No one here in these round are who your think they are. Most are overbought but 7/24 are bargains. Find them.
 photo Slide4_zpsf2zxlepb.jpg
Rounds 9 and 10 continue the issues. 13/24 overbought and 9/24 are undervalued!.

 photo Slide5_zpsl16qjdrj.jpg
More of the same into R12. 12/24 are overvalued!. 10/24 are undervalued!
 photo Slide6_zpsgla1wmsu.jpg
R13 and 14 we are shifting here 11/24 OB and 10/24 undervalued!
 photo Slide7_zpsr8y6vlzr.jpg
So we arrive at R15 and R16 . 14/24 are undervalued! Only 6/24 are overbought!. So the answer to the question is also R15/16.
 photo Slide8_zpsohced9yt.jpg

Finally at R17 and 18 we landing in a pool of goodness!. The experts are really spotting the undervalued players.

So quick hit here is R2 and then wait late late. So you should spend time on finding the sleepers in R2. My ranking for sleepers can be used to get these players. Start your homework! Use the multi-hypothesis methods to tease out these players. R2 should have the most high impact sleepers while late will give players to put you over the top.

I have been quick as you can see the data for yourself!

 photo Slide9_zpsortngrmm.jpg

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