2014__RBs__% of their Total PPR Points from TDs

2014__RBs__% of their Total PPR Points from TDs

As you go into drafts you need include some thoughts about the way certain players earned points. Player who have valued based on points from TDs need to be examined. TDs are not guaranteed and can vary. If you do not know what players are ranked too high by a high % of TDs then you could over rank them.

I went through the 2014 data and determined the % of total points each player earned from TDs.
This post presents the RBs. I present the significance RBs and their % of pts from TDs.

Tables 1 and 2 are the top groups with the highest at 26% in Bradshaw and downward.

Take this data into account as you weigh your cheat sheets.

FYI the number of significant RBs about 20% is 3. In TEs it is 9 and in WR it is 7. You will see that TEs have the highest levels followed by WR then RBs.

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