2014__Wide Receivers___% of PPR points from TD

2014__Wide Receivers___% of PPR points from TD

I continue in this series on TD dependent Players. We see that 7 WRs are about 20% of their PPR total pts came from TDs. Given the randomness of TD production, this adds to the variation in year to year WR ranks.

24 WR are above 15%. the Highest was M Bryant at 28%. So can he produce the same number of TDs this year? Think about that issue. People are squawking but they are not discussing this fact. You now know! FYI only 9 RBs were above 15%.

FYI the number of significant RBs about 20% is 3. In TEs it is 9 and in WR it is 7. You will see that TEs have the highest levels followed by WR then RBs.

We will next turn to TEs the most heavily influenced TD dependent position on the receiving end.

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