A Prefect Draft Pick (1st through 12th) vs Current Projections Part 1

A Prefect Draft Pick (1st through 12th) vs Current Projections Part 1 

We decide to use the current season projections and combine that with current ADP. Our spreadsheet was labeled by draft picks 1 to 12 then 12 to 1. This allow us to pick players for our teams

We used a 1st Draft Situation in these teams

Team 1 is below

We used the pattern WR WR QB/TE TE/QB RB RB....best. A Zero RB situation!

The averages for this pattern is at the bottom (Avg Pts =141 and Avg ADP 94)
 photo Slide1_zpszoz2fyvf.jpg
We flipping the pattern and grabbed RB RB QB/TE TE/QB WR WR...... for Team 2

The average was 144 Points and 93.6 ADP. Note a little better than above!
 photo Slide2_zpsbr8fotlv.jpg
We constructed this team as the top player via season points. After pick 1 we could scan the players below the draft position into the next round and select the top points player for TEAM 3. Best Available!

Averages are 150 and 93.3 the best so this suggest that best available is a better way than just blindly using the ADP. Projections have their use in this way.

FYI We will be putting out our Rankings Pre-Camp. We use "Adjusted" Projections as our way!

 photo Slide3_zpsdnd6ulmr.jpg

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