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A Prefect Draft Pick (1st through 12th) vs Current Projections Part 2

A Prefect Draft Pick (1st through 12th) vs Current Projections Part 2

This is part 2 of our data on a prefect draft.


"What does your team look like if your blindly use ADP/Projections in terms of Positions drafted?"

"What is the "sweet spot" in the current draft ADP lined up draft?"

"If all players were lined up with ADP what positions will you draft?"

Table 1 below list your draft position followed by the positions. We convert the numbers into "heat maps" with green is the high and red is the low.

For example

Draft 1 then, You will naturally land on 8 RB, 1QB, 2 WR and 3 TEs on your 14 player team.

So we can say that Draft Pick 1, 8, 9 10 are the best to land on RBs and Draft Pick 2, 7 are the worst for RBs. In drafts then where you can pick your spot, this data (Update of course) can give you an insight into looking for RBs! (Std scoring?)

So the oppositie is the WR heavy draft picks. Draft pick 2, 7, and 11 are the best for landing on the most WRs! PPR scoring!

For TEs draft pick 5 is the best! and Draft pick 7 for QBs! photo Slide4_zpsp4bm6zrs.jpg
Table 2 shows the average projection points for each draft pick! Done for PPR projections!

Not a surprise, its draft pick 7 and 2 (see above). It is nice to "see data" to be balanced between Table 1 and 2. Sweet!!

Note draft pick 11 was predicted to be WR heavy but it looks like these are the weaker WRs in projections!.

Use the 2 tables together then!
 photo Slide5_zps9pzmdmvp.jpg
Table 3 Just shows the avg points for each position! These number are in play in the data in table 4.
 photo Slide6_zpsqmej4hck.jpg
Table 4 uses not the ADP as a focus but our projections! We totaled the positions drafted by the draft pick and calculated the average of the player's projections. We then used the average projections of all QBs, RBs, WRs, and TEs (See Table 3) in a "heat map" analysis. Green is above the grand average!

So looking across the draft picks the best QBs are naturally grabbed with Draft Pick 10. QB heavy leaques then! RBs is actually at the draft 2 pick. So the Table 1 and 2 data does not tell the whole story! WRs are Pick 1 and 12. TEs are pick 7 as well.

We also include the points ratios RB to WR points vs WR to Rb points. Draft pick 2 is great RB and Draft pick 12 is the best for WRs! Continue your lessons here buy think slow about the entire data here.

As usual no one we have seen on the expert sites is thinking about this topic! Enjoy!
 photo Slide7_zpsa5x357dv.jpg

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