AFC TEAM'S POSITIONS _ % OF Predicted PPR POINT DISTRIBUTION via Exploding Doughnut.

AFC TEAM'S POSITIONS _ % OF Predicted PPR POINT DISTRIBUTION via Exploding Doughnut. 

I present the first of 2 posts that present Team% of PPR Point Distribution. Here is the AFC. We use this type of data to visualize at the Team level how the points are produced.

A) Use of TE. This data show the Teams that will be using a TE more than others. The value of the TEs then can be bumped up when predicted to be used High vs Low.

B) AFC    HOU has a predicted 8% TE usage. I would avoid TEs from HOU. Simple. Its obvious from NEP that they will be using TE at 18%!. So that means 10% is being taken from WRs or RBs in NEP. So those in PPR may be bumped down.

C)  AFC  OAK has 42% WR. Remember these exploding doughnuts show the % of predicted points. Oak is not the powerhouse for total points. See the previous post of total points. But if you are look at to closely ranked teams for predicted total points then the high usage of WR can come into play. A tie breaker!

D) Group teams into tiers biased on usage. Use that as a decision filter!. Note KC has RBs over WR!. So WRs in KC are not going to be a focus relative to JC! It might have been obvious. I know!

Go though and make your notes!

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