Draft Rounds. Where are the Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers? July 1 Update

Draft Rounds.  Where are the Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers?  July 1 Update 

We present a top down view. As usual we will not write too much. We expect you to "see" what you need to see to help you. These decision aids should be used to think where you can find the sleepers and avoid the anti-sleepers.

A Suggested Protocol

Read through the quick hits.
So we suggest you look at ADP, our ranks etc.
Make a cheat sheet and just go through and place players into the rounds you think that inhabit now.
Once in the round then divide into Sleepers/Anti-Sleepers
Use our quick hits.

For example
Round 16 has predicted to have a large amount of Sleepers
Here are our round 16 players
Given what you need in your draft at this time, you can have confidence most of these players have sleeper potential. (MOST does not equal ALL). So ahead of time research these guys. If we needed a TE H Miller is our pick out of this group. If you need a 2nd QB we might gamble on RG III.  If you have a spot for a WR, then M Lee is a target. For RBs S Ridley is a play.

Heath Miller TE
Jordan Reed TE
Jace Amaro TE
Kenny Britt WR
Lorenzo Taliaferro RB
Robert Griffin III QB
Branden Oliver RB
Marqise Lee WR
Josh Huff WR
Stevan Ridley RB
Lance Dunbar RB
Alex Smith QB

Quick hits on each round.

1) Round 1 players are who you think that are.
2) Round 2 first multiple sleepers here but anti-sleepers as well.
3) Round 3 the players are who you think they are.
4) Round 4 is the first land-mine round. About half players are anti-sleepers!

Table 1 Sleepers and Anti-sleepers Draft Rounds 1 to 4

 photo Slide8_zpstgw6qdwv.jpg
5) Round 5 has 3 and 3 Sleepers to Anti-sleepers
6) Round 6 has opportunity for you 4 sleepers
7) Round 7 is land-mine territory! 8 anti-sleepers!
8) Round 8 is also land-mine territory early but turns at the end of the round!

Table 2 Sleepers and Anti-sleepers Draft Rounds 5 to 8

 photo Slide9_zpsbkn17bp9.jpg
9) Bad News as most are predicted to be anti-sleepers
10) More sleepers but still land-mines
11) Round 11 is Round 10 repeated!
12) Round 12 is even worst!

Table 3 Sleepers and Anti-sleepers Draft Rounds 9 to 12

 photo Slide10_zpsui9ces6z.jpg
13) Round 13 has a half and half profile
14) Round 14 is like Round 13
15) Round is filled with opportunities!
16) Grad all the bargains. Here they are!

Table 4 Sleepers and Anti-sleepers Draft Rounds 13 to 16

 photo Slide11_zpsntrfealb.jpg

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