DST, QB, RB, and WRs. Who are our Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers? JULY 1 Update

DST, QB, RB, and WRs. 

Who are our Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers? JULY 1 Update

We present our updated ranking. We give you the Pros and Joes views of the player (Insider and Outsiders). We give you our most important stat is DIFF stat which a measurement of Sleeper vs Anti-Sleeper potential!. Green Staining in the DIFF column implies a value pick (Sleeper), Red Staining is Anti-Sleeper non-value player pick. 

The color staining  in the I and O columns denote the ranking from High to Low, positive to negative. 
So a sleeper rated high by the Pros is superior to players not supported. 

All tables give you the Position, PROs rating, JOEs rating, DIFF sleeper/anti-sleeper ranking, DIFF ranking from top sleeper at 1 to the worst anti-sleeper at -48, and predicted round these picks may goat  for a 18 round draft. 

Table 1 DST
 photo Slide1_zpsbmumrfnm.jpg
Table 2. QB
 photo Slide2_zpsoyugcjha.jpg
Table 3. RB part 1
 photo Slide3_zpsoeftn0qe.jpg
Table 4 RB part 2
 photo Slide4_zpsycoltorp.jpg

Table 5 WR part 1

 photo Slide7_zps4e2dpylo.jpg

Table 5 WR part 2

 photo Slide6_zpspzfcpazq.jpg

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