Friday, July 31, 2015

Fantasy Sports Professors____(FSP) _____TE and QBs___ PPR Rankings Pre-Camp___Novel Scaled Rankings and Tiers

Fantasy Sports Professors (FSP) TE and QBs 

PPR Rankings Pre-Camp. Novel Scaled Rankings and Tiers 

We present our own rankings at the TEs and QBs positions. We have given Tiers, Player Name, Our Numerical Rankings (FSP Rankings), Scaled Projection Rankings, Projection Tiers. We have included a graphical look at this data as well. Its important to use both. Mere numbers can not show you the strength of the player's projected season points.

So in table one we see Gronk is worth 2X ish more than Graham and 9X more than Kelce. But we rank them 1 2 and 3. So having projections of "WORTH" tell a different story.
 photo Slide1_zpsy4klmiul.jpg

 photo Slide2_zpscse2zsad.jpg

 photo Slide3_zpsljht7n8i.jpg

 photo Slide4_zps7axib6e1.jpg

 photo Slide5_zps3zetzgmb.jpg

 photo Slide6_zpsz9xo6y4k.jpg

 photo Slide7_zpsihmfwtad.jpg

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