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"How do you?" Series Issue #3 - Fighting Decision Fatigue (DF) during drafting.

How do you? Series Issue #3 - Decision Fatigue (DF)

I will be discussing things internal to the fantasy football player. I think that if we understand aspects of “Decision Making”, we can improve ourselves in drafting.

I will be discussing aspects of this article from the NYT magazine “Do You Suffer From Decision Fatigue?” AUG. 17, 2011 By JOHN TIERNEY published on AUG. 17, 2011
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So decision fatigue can make quarterbacks prone to dubious choices late in the game and can affect our success in drafting our Teams.

Quote. “The more choices you make throughout the day, the harder each one becomes for your brain, and eventually it looks for shortcuts, usually in either of two very different ways.

One shortcut is to become reckless: to act impulsively instead of expending the energy to first think through the consequences. (Sure, tweet that photo! What could go wrong?) 

The other shortcut is the ultimate energy saver: do nothing. Instead of agonizing over decisions, avoid any choice. Ducking a decision often creates bigger problems in the long run, but for the moment, it eases the mental strain. You start to resist any change, any potentially risky move.” end Quote

So in our Draft, the Clock and harder choices can force us at the end of the draft to be reckless.  

Point 1. I focus on email drafting if I can. I seem to do better and have less draft fatigue.

Point 2. If you do mocks, I would do them under the clock. How am I doing at my late rounds? If you can use my Sleepers in drafts late that might be a way to get around DF. Assume you will be under DF late. Practice Practice.

The article moves on to the reason why we get DF.

The experiment that was critical was “administering glucose completely reversed the brain changes wrought by depletion.”

Also the article states “After performing a lab task requiring self-control, people tend to eat more candy but not other kinds of snacks, like salty, fatty potato chips. The mere expectation of having to exert self-control makes people hunger for sweets.” “The problem is that what we identify as sugar doesn’t help as much over the course of the day as the steadier supply of glucose we would get from eating proteins and other more nutritious foods.”

So I suggest before Drafting on the clock have a high protein meal and have energy bar snacks for quick energy.

Point 3. If you are aware of DF then I would develop approaches to deal with it. I try to map out the early picks and then have my sleepers for late rounds on automatic. So that means we are using our mental resources on the middle rounds. So experts claim those are the rounds for your victory. I would not deplete resources in picking the 1st RB etc Charles Vs. Peterson. Use time off the clock before-hand to know your choices.

So Mock drafts are the way to approach. See Point 4.

Mock drafts are a DF free way to test ideas. Most people do the Early RB picking, vs. a zero RB approach etc.

Point 4. Let do something different. Practice the early rounds then autopick out. Save for analysis. Do Autopick early then jump in the middle and jump back to autopicks. Finally practice late sleepers only autopick into about the last 4 rounds etc. Fantasy Pros has a great mock draft with analysis. Practice. Where is your weak spot? Early Mid or Late.

Take-home -I think we can increase our success by removing/lowering DF in our Drafting.

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