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In Table 1, we have plotted all 32 teams on the X Axis and Scaled Rankings of total PPR based points predicted at this time. Early! We think this a good decision aid. We like the data to speak for itself!. Short and to the point!.

The top group is DEN, IND, GB and DAL. We break the line for the next tier level by the yellow line. So overall these teams should have a combined PPR point total for the season! No secret but what ya expect!. We then if called for, use the circle around teams that should considered as equals for that tier! Next is NE and NO Teams for total predicted PPR points.

Note STL, JAC and CLE bring up the rear in predicted points.

We suggest this is the beginning of your Team Analysis. We have the WR, RB, TE and QB focused graphs coming up in the Tables 2 to 5.

Table 1. Predicted Total Team PPR Points 2015 Season.

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Table 2 gives us insight into the WR position only. Remember that! OAK and PIT are predicted to be first in WR generated PPR Points. Interesting, the first surprise of the data. So you can use to to project the WR1s of Pit (Can Pit's AB be anymore higher in value?) and Oak WRs might be bumped up (Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree ?). So for AC, the wisdom says weak QB avoid but if that is OAK's game then some WRs are going to be more valuable than thought!. Note KC and SEA at the bottom so their WRs should be as a group bumped down!. Some surprises all along the data however.

Table 2 Predicted PPR Points for the Team's WRs Group. 

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Table 3 is the Predicted TEAM RB Data graph. Note the top are KC and BAL. Charles is the show in KC but Forsett should be bumped up in your drafts!. Cin and PHI next as well. the bottom is CAR and IND so those RBs need to bumped down in PPR drafts! This is good data for thinking. We suggest you input this into your draft cheat sheets!.

Table 3 Predicted PPR RB Team Points

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Table 4 looks at the TE position on each Team. Tops is NE and it is not close! Gronk is the show! If he were to be out they will be hurting! Note JAC is in the next 4 teams as an equal. Bump up THE JAC TEs. We said it here first. They should be in the JAC game plan and will be available cheap in draft for your late TE strategy treat! GB and HOU are at the bottom. Beware of RR in GB and whoever is the TE in HOU. Bump them down a peg!

Table 4 Predicted PPR Points for the TE Position per Team.  
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Finally we have the QB position as seen in Table 5. The tops are SEA and CAR due to the running QBs there. Note SF in the next group with GB and IND! So CC might be bumped up in for your late QB drafting needs. Bottom are in OAK and HOU. Bump down. Clear from the WR data that OAK is going to be a passing show its just the efficiency is not there and their ranking is low!.

Table 5. QB PPR Points per Team.

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