Color Coded WR 2014 Data _TDs_YDs_Rec_Targets per Game . Bonus Ratios of Rec/Yds and Targets/Rec per Game

Color Coded WR 2014 Data  _TDs_YDs_Rec_Targets per Game . Bonus Ratios of Rec/Yds and Targets/Rec per Game

As we get into the preseason lets turn one last time to the 2014 WR data.

TDs/YDs/Rec and Targets per game.

Lets use the data to find interesting factoids!

I took the data from 2014 and scaled to a per game basis.  Use the Legend and look as the data. No numbers just soft anchor groups and color coding.
First group 1 to 12

Note J Jones had issues in his TD/GM stat in the top 12 2014 WRs!

Maclin is here yet 2015 ADP is not. How much is going to KC going to hurt him. He can do it under the right conditions

Cobb had Targets/gm issues but he worked around that. Is he going up in targets this year?

Evans has 2 weaknesses as compared to the best. Rec and His Rec/Yds ratio was low in this group. Is he going up?

 photo Slide1_zpsftjsk8pb.jpg
In the next group 13 to 24

T Smith is a big play guy. Look at his data! All or none. In a TD only league that could help him. 

D Jax is much like T Smith

G Tate was light in TDs. Does that change? PPR is better for him

 photo Slide2_zpsvmh9amfi.jpg
I will let you dig into the rest of the data. 

Note at the end I redid the last groups and used a different color scheme on the data to tease out any late round WR that are being ignored! 

C Beasley is a TD only kinda guy. Keep Watch on him FYI one example that jumps out at you. 

Keep Looking and digging. Enjoy.!

 photo Slide3_zpskakkcpj0.jpg

 photo Slide4_zpsbms20qbn.jpg

 photo Slide5_zpscrhal4ly.jpg

 photo Slide6_zpsj6wyrfou.jpg

 photo Slide7_zps1p9qz2pi.jpg

 photo Slide8_zpsbjtpxzpy.jpg

 photo Slide9_zpsqhqeaqau.jpg

 photo Slide10_zpshewy11bu.jpg

 photo Slide10_zpshewy11bu.jpg

 photo Slide12_zpsxlixa7h9.jpg

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