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Draft Pick 1 to 12 Using Zero RB Hypothesis.

Draft Pick 1 to 12 Using Zero RB Hypothesis. 

Our version of this hypothesis suggest you come out of your first 4 picks with 2WR, 1QB and 1TE. Then the next picks are two best available RBs.

We setup our latest player's list, applied our Scaled Rankings and DIFF numbers (Pro's vs Joe's Stats). Then we assigned a snake pick numbering. Then moved each scenario from having the first draft pick to pick 12.

Below are the actual players we drafted along with DIFF avgs and Scaled Ranks.

Note we have Brown over Gronk!

Red DIFF - underlays (not good) and green DIFF - overlays (good)

Table 1 to 3 list all players gained. Note we grabbed Gronk when appropriate. 
 photo Slide1_zpsj3elsuzk.jpg

 photo Slide2_zpsbqztn7hx.jpg

 photo Slide3_zpscshs37wp.jpg
Analysis of the data below shows that the best picks that were overlays was picks 4, 7 and 8 Draft Spots.

The worst were picks 10 and 11. Note in picks, spot 7 had the best rankings of all picks! We noticed that in a previous post.
 photo Slide4_zpsvmudizgd.jpg
We present the data for adding the ranks of the WR vs RBs and giving a ratio number.

1) Picking Gronk over a WR in round one (Pick 5 and 6) led to a predictability worst total WR rankings.
2) Draft Spot 10 and 11 are highlighted as having a good balance of WR and RB
3) Draft Spot 7 and 10 are the best for WR and pick 1 was the worst throwing the Gronk picks out.
4) Draft spot 12 was the best for RBs while draft spot 2 was the worst
5) Pick 10 to 12, your RBs could come back within the RB 2 ranges.

You will need to think about your approach can you live with.
 photo Slide5_zpswhbcuudl.jpg

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