Fantasy Sports Professors____(FSP) _____RBs___ PPR Rankings Pre-Camp___Novel Scaled Rankings and Tiers

Fantasy Sports Professors (FSP) RBs 

PPR Rankings Pre-Camp. Novel Scaled Rankings and Tiers 

We present our own rankings at the RBs positions. We have given Tiers, Player Name, Our Numerical Rankings (FSP Rankings), Scaled Projection Rankings, Projection Tiers. We have included a graphical look at this data as well. Its important to use both. Mere numbers can not show you the strength of the player's projected season points.

So we rank Bell, Peterson and Charles 1 2 and 3 but our "Worth" projections suggest Bell is worth 3X as Peterson and 5X ish more than Charles. Use the tiers that group players into segments of worth.
 photo Slide8_zps94w3aitd.jpg

 photo Slide9_zpschinwnqp.jpg

 photo Slide10_zps8dyybh2l.jpg

 photo Slide11_zpsvsuifwdo.jpg

 photo Slide12_zps5ovudwln.jpg

 photo Slide13_zpsosx4xaij.jpg

 photo Slide14_zpshumhui65.jpg

 photo Slide15_zpsa9gqv782.jpg

 photo Slide16_zpsvp91vqsl.jpg

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