FULL POINT PPR vs STD. What is the order of the Positions Drafted? Where are the predicted RB/WR Runs.

FULL POINT PPR vs STD. What is the order of the Positions Drafted? Where are the predicted RB/WR Runs.

In Drafting its important to "see" the landscape. If you get into the players sometimes you need to look across the rounds and think about what is coming and how you can zig while others zag.

The first set of three tables draw out the runs etc.

In PPR its RBs early and then WRs coming out with Gronk being taken at the end. So RBs come  until the top 8 Rbs! So if you wish a TOP RBs early in Round 1 or first of Round 2 you need to grab one.  

So do you wish a early RB? or can you live without one of the top 8? This is called draft planning. Note by the end of Round 2 Luck and Rodgers gone. Is that ok for you? By end of Round 3 then Top 15 WRs are gone! Where are you at there? 

Use our table to map out your plans in PPR

In STDs leagues the world is different! 

Its RBs all the time in R1 but note Luck and Rodgers are take earlier than in PPR! Gronk is into Round 2! So in the old days RBs and then WRs. Note a Nice run of WRs in R2! So in the first 16 Picks in STDs the first 10 RBs are gone! 

Is that ok with you?

 photo Slide1_zpsozcxv9ck.jpg

 photo Slide2_zps3ryxbzrw.jpg

 photo Slide3_zpsnratbncz.jpg

Based on our data and we will post the sleepers etc soon. But we map the sleepers! So since May the Drafts have tighten up and one sleepers are predicted until R3! So we believe that the early two rounds are see players taken who are mainly the about rights. Not many surprises.
 photo Slide4_zpsjdaudout.jpg
 R6 is where the sleepers live. See what players are there and choose wisely. R8 is another hotspot at the end. Note the anti-sleepers are dominating in R5, 7 and early 8!
 photo Slide5_zpscvqwuzqa.jpg
R11 is all anti-sleepers. You have heard winning occurs in the these rounds. We think that is done by avoiding the numerous problem players! Beware. Plan your targets here carefully
 photo Slide6_zpsz5cziip3.jpg

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