Risk Assessment of WRs Updated Early August

Risk Assessment of WRs Updated Early August

We now have to turn to looking at Risk! We believe Risk can be a good tie breaker in your drafts!.

 Table 1 shows the scaled risk assessment of the players we have ranked.


 Likely means 70% or more chance that the predicted performance of the drafted player will not be as good as the ADP or draft position. Whether the difference is significant is not so clear. Its a bet 7 out of 10 players will produce worst.

Probable means 30 to 70% chance of a worse production vs their ADP etc.

Unlikely is the safest group. Less than 30% of a bad outcome.

Remember our data from 2014 looking at the ADP vs end of season production. If you missed that go find. Neat data and it applies to risk here. RBs are riskier than others.

 photo Slide1_zpsc36dm1gj.jpg

Tables below list the WRs. 

We are not reading the data for you. Enjoy!

 photo Slide7_zpsomyokb1g.jpg

 photo Slide8_zpsjeivyitb.jpg

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