Monday, August 24, 2015

Value PPR WR Rankings and Value Tiers

Value PPR WR Rankings and Value Tiers

We have converted our opinions to value numbers. We start with WRs. The first 2 tables give you the list top to bottom.

We next present this same list but with value difference numbers based Tiers. We have add colors to these numbers -yellow. We used those numbers then to group the players into Tiers. Having seen other places "shoe-horning" Players into tiers with no numerical basis. We do it different. Any player's value score that was less then 4.0 on our scale was placed into the next Tier!. Note the fine tune we now get. We never thought kinda throwing players into a same Tier just cause was a good reason.

So we say there exists 27 different value tiers instead of 8 or 10 as seen in other places. 

Red color shows a value difference close to 4.0 and could be interpreted as the beginning of another Tier!

Now for later thoughts, we are not happy with the large groups at the bottom! So that is an active area of our future research! We agree "Value Tiering"can be improved but our way is a movement toward a better way!

Less Text_More Data. Enjoy. 

Table 1 and 2 Player List and their value.

 photo Slide1_zpsqmkruqz3.jpg  photo Slide2_zpsxsmpkikd.jpg

Table 3 and 4 Player Value Tiers based on Value Changes.

 photo Slide1_zpsewmcople.jpg

 photo Slide2_zpshsvjmtha.jpg

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