Friday, September 25, 2015

DFS Data Aids_ Game Scripts_ Predicted Yds and TDs per Team and Game

DFS Data Aids_ Game Scripts_ Predicted YDs and TDs per Team and Game

Use this data with our upcoming Player DFS Value Report Per Position

Looking at the total pts predicted by vegas. This gives you a feel for what they are thinking about total points to be scored! 

Our Defense Data can be used to see where the weakness are for each team's defense. So where are the TDs coming from? 

Finally we have predicted the Game's Pass and Rush YDs and TDs as well as Final Score. So does it may sense? 

So in the first game we see a fairly high scoring game and we think PIT will be scoring rushing TDs more that passing TDs. L Bell should have a good game. A Brown could have an average game which is great compared to most be not 3X TDs type of Game. 

STL will not be scoring by running by can be scoring by passing. So you may give the STL WR/TE an uptick and they have have a potential for cheap DFS plays. 

Both QBs will rack up passing YDS! 

So I would use our game scripts first make a concept map of each game and then use our next DFS Value Report to setup your Line-Ups with value players.

Less text more data for you. We have confidence you can use our data and make your own decisions! 

Unlike other places where you are led to their conclusions. 

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