Things to do after the draft to prepare for 2016 analysis.

Things to do after the draft to prepare for 2016 analysis.

Quick Post

Do Before the Season Starts

 1) Record your draft board and its date. Take Screen Shots etc.

 2) Write down your thoughts before the season starts. This helps with backward looking biases.
                    "Everything makes sense after it happens."

 3) Predicted your sleepers, about right players, and anti-sleepers

 4) Use the ADP and write your draft picks, rounds, and ADP

 5) Pay attention to backup players. Write exactly what are you expecting.

 6) Record the position order for your draft. (RB RB WR.....)

 7) What players are you confident about vs. the risky ones?
              Record you % predictions of each player and their % of success.

 8) Drop into spreadsheets if possible.

 Do in Season 

 1) Write notes or observations about what is happening.

 2) Record wavier wire work. Who what when how!

3) Injuries

4) Breakouts who you had or who hurt your player. Why did you hit or miss?

5) Trades

6) Surprises

After Season - what we going for!

1) What is your pick success vs the ADP? for each position and level (round).

2) What were the "apparent" reasons for success or failure

3) Note the date, do you do well in drafting in May vs August?

4) How do we avoid the biases in our back look???


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