Updated STD Scoring Floor to Ceiling Rankings with Sector Risk Values

Updated STD Scoring Floor to Ceiling Rankings with Sector Risk Values

We present 5 tables from Round 1 to 18 STD Ranks. Players are assigned Best Case Rank (Ceiling) and our Predicted Worst Case Rank (Floor). We add their updated Risk Values but now present to the world "Sector Risk". Sector Risk is a drill down only within the sector the player inhabited by his public ADP. We note in red staining risky players that could fall out of that sector.

Ceiling Ranks are Green stained means above one sector possible or in the case first sector (rounds 1 to 3), the green implies the best of that sector. Red staining in the Floor implies one sector below the one the player is in currently.

We have also included Pink Staining with Yellow Numbers to present players that could fall below the current sector by 2 sectors (> 3 rounds below) Extreme Floor - beware. Also in the Ceiling Rankings we have included a Dark Green with Yellow Numbers to note player's whose Ceiling is greater than 3 Rounds above.

Example We say Luck at his best is the 11th player but could find himself in 40th position by seasons end.
Manning at his best is 29th but note his floor is an extreme drop to the 89th position.  Use these rankings as aids in your decisions. Enjoy!

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 photo Slide2_zpsoedbhodv.jpg

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