Week 2 PPR Rankings with Predicted Game Flow, Risk, Points, and Pass/Run bias.

Week 2 PPR Rankings with Predicted Game Flow, Risk, Points, and Pass/Run bias. 

Each game is listed and the matched data is first displayed. 


PTS.                   Predicted Pts Scored as compared to all 32 teams. 
                                      Order from Top to Bottom By COLOR.

           Bright Green, __Light Green, __White,  __Yellow, __ Light Red, __and Dark Red
Pass Yds            Predicted Pass Yards Generated compared to all teams playing (see color code)

Run Yds              Predicted Rushing Yard Generated compared to all teams playing (see color code)

Passing to Run Balance                 Ratio of Passing vs Rushing predictions (Game Flow)

Run to Passing Balance                 Ratio of Rushing vs Passing predictions (Game Flow)            


Player Rankings within the game are listed

QB, RB, TE and WRs

All players are assigned a number which represents our view of their best possible ranking.

Each player is assessed as to their risk level. High Risk, Average to Low Risk.

The top rankings within each position group is color coded Green, White or Red implying top middle or bottom in that position,

So we use this structural game view top down as a data aid that is way beyond the typical numbers in a list!

So ARI vs CHI, we predict ARI wins and scores in top group of the week, They will have a slightly unbalance Run to Pass attack. Thus many are liking Chris Johnson. We have assigned him a 12 ranking but we have placed him in a high risk environment this week. We expect LF, JB, and MF to share the passing points but think MF is the riskiest play. Given the Predicted Average Passing Yds and 3 viable players as a group it seems to us to be a situation where everyone fantasy points are limited! If the TE jumps in as he did last week well the average pie is split again. Not expecting very high numbers from any of these if they follow the predicted game flow.

On the CHI side the topview says less points and a closely balance run pass attack. Forte should be a PPR play and we rate him with the potential to be the top RB as we see MB the TE as collecting his share as well. If AJ does not play we would expect more going to Forte and MB! If AJ plays then we assume its not a decoy and have assigned him a low risk high point play.

Enjoy the rest of the data to ponder over! Good Luck.
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