Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 2 Receiving Rec, Att, Yds, Yds and Scoring Efficiency

Week 2  Receiving Att, Yds, TDs, Yds and Scoring Efficiency. 

 We have Stained the Team and Player in Bright Green to denote very positive results. %GT is the % of the grand total of Atts, Yds Receiving and Scoring via Receiving. 

 The Receiving YDs and Scoring EFF can be used to rank teams and players as well.  photo Slide01_zpsdaslwt66.jpg  photo Slide02_zpsg7xdfuv1.jpg  photo Slide03_zpsl9trlhru.jpg  photo Slide04_zpseaq63uqq.jpg  photo Slide05_zpsz6nhnrgr.jpg  photo Slide06_zpsqblx2mna.jpg  photo Slide07_zpscxpm7ebn.jpg  photo Slide08_zpswrc8cs6s.jpg  photo Slide09_zpsanntku15.jpg  photo Slide10_zpstrzzsvll.jpg  photo Slide11_zpsl3x6p3jo.jpg  photo Slide12_zpsprpuzvdh.jpg  photo Slide13_zpsxj23hsma.jpg  photo Slide14_zpszwpte9rn.jpg  photo Slide15_zpsfszjwsxb.jpg  photo Slide16_zpsqcqipdko.jpg  photo Slide17_zpssdkdfzxx.jpg  photo Slide18_zpsvzakserz.jpg  photo Slide20_zpsocmgsksn.jpg  photo Slide19_zpsuoduei3h.jpg  photo Slide21_zpsvs461bzl.jpg  photo Slide24_zpsayvsh3ft.jpg  photo Slide23_zpsxuccjk5f.jpg  photo Slide22_zpsckr8pgdq.jpg  photo Slide25_zpst57sq5do.jpg  photo Slide27_zps7fbzfvry.jpg

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