WR Preseason Data Colorized Tables Neat Data!

2015 WR Preseason Data Colorized Tables Neat Data!

Moving the RB, WR, TE out ASAP. 

Listening to Sirius XM Fantasy radio. Looking at this data. If you are a dynasty person, keep this data for moves toward the end of the season for last minute grabs. 

Yds passing, TDs and Efficiency  

Team, Player Yds passing within teams and total pool data. 

Less Text More Data! Enjoy photo Slide1_zpsggvxl0gf.jpg  photo Slide2_zpspckkvknp.jpg  photo Slide3_zpswcqlkwxf.jpg  photo Slide4_zpssfzrj4bn.jpg  photo Slide5_zpsojeifjok.jpg  photo Slide6_zpsjrnyx3v2.jpg  photo Slide7_zpszpi2q6or.jpg  photo Slide8_zpsbzxkmayq.jpg  photo Slide9_zpsi1b3psjr.jpg  photo Slide10_zpsfxv8bob3.jpg  photo Slide11_zps7ssln2hb.jpg

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