Final FSP PPR Ranks. Color Coded. Make Risk your Friend!

 photo Slide01_zpsgu7so2m3.jpg

 photo Slide02_zpshfz6rwgg.jpg

 photo Slide03_zpssjpppma0.jpg

 photo Slide04_zpshgo69jit.jpg

 photo Slide05_zps2srtaxrr.jpg

 photo Slide06_zpsymti3lwg.jpg

 photo Slide07_zpsoowndvjl.jpg

 photo Slide08_zpsyi9sydrb.jpg

 photo Slide09_zpsmmp7ltbz.jpg

 photo Slide10_zpsofbatlti.jpg

 photo Slide11_zpscv9pgvxh.jpg

 photo Slide12_zpsjqzjwpx0.jpg

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