FSP Week 1 to 7 Performance Player Index to the Average. Color Coded. The Longer View

FSP Week 1 to 7 Performance Player Index. Color Coded. The Longer View Given the overreaction and recency bias, its important to scale up and look top-down and across the weeks. Our Performance INDEX measures a Player's Scaled Effort (PSE). Blue is good, Red is not good, unstained is average PSE. Pay attention to the "giraffes" A player who only has one week of a Blue PSE! Ask why did they "pop-up" above the average? When will that happen again? - Injuries, Match-up etc. Use this data to predict their pop-up PSE ! Save your FAAB money unless its go-time for them! Enjoy
 photo Slide01_zpsn31eykho.jpg  photo Slide02_zpsc2bujes8.jpg
 photo Slide03_zps62flzhai.jpg  photo Slide04_zpsy2nqd0kd.jpg  photo Slide05_zpsz8zjwiaw.jpg  photo Slide06_zpsuc6e6oux.jpg  photo Slide07_zpsj8lukc17.jpg  photo Slide08_zpse4t0rmde.jpg  photo Slide09_zpsuhmmwy3u.jpg
 photo Slide10_zpsyt3bds1c.jpg  photo Slide11_zpstmjtqems.jpg  photo Slide12_zpstzorzu7h.jpg  photo Slide13_zpsuwr7tsgb.jpg  photo Slide14_zpsefct1xsl.jpg  photo Slide15_zpsku5rtbgy.jpg  photo Slide16_zpsisav6igm.jpg  photo Slide17_zpspqzr34ul.jpg  photo Slide18_zpshbqavbcy.jpg  photo Slide19_zpseuwigupo.jpg  photo Slide20_zpswai6basj.jpg

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