Week 1 to 8 Player Performance Scaled Color Coded Rankings. Who has a positive pattern?

Week 1 to 8 Player Performance Scaled Color Coded Rankings. Who has a positive pattern?

All performances were scaled to the whole population and ranked from 100 down. The Avg was 63.4 and the range was down to near 53. Zero is not in the game or no carries or receptions etc. 

 photo Slide01_zpsiqvz44cf.jpg  photo Slide02_zpswv69sh8p.jpg  photo Slide03_zps1pqyqrcq.jpg  photo Slide04_zpsm0luzhje.jpg  photo Slide05_zpsq9zjmuym.jpg  photo Slide06_zps2y1jh4dy.jpg  photo Slide07_zps2taytk9e.jpg  photo Slide08_zpsdbbdukff.jpg  photo Slide09_zpscaax1ysg.jpg  photo Slide10_zpsraobu7uq.jpg  photo Slide11_zpszujvrvx3.jpg  photo Slide12_zpsb1w24krh.jpg  photo Slide13_zpsgv5izvzj.jpg  photo Slide14_zpsqb8juc48.jpg  photo Slide15_zpssldldt9k.jpg  photo Slide16_zpspgqehvmk.jpg  photo Slide17_zpsdcguhww8.jpg  photo Slide18_zps4mr1j9zw.jpg  photo Slide19_zps33b2osjf.jpg  photo Slide20_zpsqzozbamw.jpg  photo Slide21_zpsg0ry8roo.jpg  photo Slide22_zpsy2rvrfvf.jpg  photo Slide23_zpslmkqphpm.jpg  photo Slide24_zpstkp6pzkt.jpg  photo Slide25_zpsm1eprcon.jpg  photo Slide26_zpsxxnkg8xo.jpg  photo Slide27_zpsfd5ghgu0.jpg  photo Slide28_zpsitl206m4.jpg  photo Slide29_zpsl5wn0fzs.jpg  photo Slide30_zps3vjvwmbk.jpg  photo Slide31_zpsqttrr3xn.jpg  photo Slide32_zpsntxyohis.jpg

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