Early Feb 2016_ ADP Vs Position_Rounds 1 to 12

Early Feb 2016 

PPR ADP Vs Position

Rounds 1 to 12

Red Circle Denotes End of the First 12 of the Position

Green Circle Denotes the End of the First 24 of the Position

Yellow Circle Denotes the End of the First 36 of the Position

As you may predict the WR position in a PPR is being picked earlier.  The end of the WR1s is within the mid round 2 while the end of the RB1s occurs in mid third round. 

WR2s end within the 4th round while for the RB2s they end in the 6th round.

Both are caught up by Round 8 where the WR3s and RB3s are completed there.

For QBs, the end of the QB1s occurs at Round 9 - Late QB Drafters take note.

For the TE position, the end of the TE1s is at round 10. Note Gronk is being taken at the 10 pick!

Round 9 is where the first DEF is first taken

I looked back at 7/22/15 and the WRs1 were ending early Round 3 and RB1s ending late round 2. So as compared to 7/22/15 the WR1s are ending a half a round earlier and RB1s are lasting 1/2 half a round later. 

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