FSP Current PPR Score Based Rankings. Scaled FSP vs Public Rankings (ADP), with Color Coded Risk Analysis and Sleeper Potential Scores

FSP Current PPR Score Based Rankings. 

Scaled FSP vs Public Rankings (ADP), 

 with Color Coded 

Risk Analysis 

and Sleeper Potential Scores

Risk Scores Represent the Current Landscape of the Player. 

High Scores -Red Stained Have Risk

Lower Scores- Green Stained Have Less Perceived Risk


FSP Rankings. 0 to 100. Worst to Best. Red to Green Staining

Sleeper Potential
"Overlays" More Value Assigned than the Value from the Public (ADP current).
Green Sleepers Red Anti-Sleepers 


Brandon Marshall is 92.7 ranked and is A Sleeper Candidate with 6.8 Score.

Keenan Allen is ranked 80.9 and is an Anti-Sleeper with a score of -7.6

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