Current PPR Based Draft_A Tabular View of the Public Landscape. Best vs Worst Case with our assigned Risk analysis PART1

Current PPR Based Draft_A Tabular View of the Public Landscape. 

Best vs Worst Case with our assigned Risk analysis

(Part 1 Today a tabular view)

(Part 2- Tomorrow a graphical view 10am SAT)

(Part 3 - Sunday- Team view of this data)

Given the biases we as Fantasy Football Players have to fight against, I like to use a Best vs Worst Case Look at what the public is thinking. I also like to give a risk score to each player. 

1) Risk scores are from high risk in red to lower perceived risk in green. 

2) Best/Worst Cases are the current rankings gathered from public ADP sources as expressed as a number. Low numbers are the higher rankings and in green while higher numbers are lower ranked players and are in red.  

3) I present Part 1 today using the table view and grouping by positions and sorted from highly ranked players.

I would soft focus on the data and think about your opinions as you stroll through the tables. I might print these tables out and mark where you find agreement and your disagreement. Note the risk. So in the QB table,  note that Brady has the highest risk of the Top 5 QBs while Wilson has the lowest. 

Use the highs and lows to "see" a clear picture.

These numbers lend themselves to tiers if you wish to use that grouping approach. 

Example in the QBs Cam Newton is seen by the public as the Number 1 QB best and Number 9 in worst. The public is sold on him if you are not then it can be an opportunity for the other QBs. 

The story here is Elliot. He is seen as a risk vs all other RBs in the top 20. He could be the 8th best RB or the 23th best RB. So a judgement on him is a critical one. 


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