Area Graphic Analysis of PPR Scoring Based RBs. Part 1

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Area Graphic Analysis of PPR Scoring Based RBs. Part 1

Part 2 Coming Tomorrow. RBs based on Teams. See the backfield using PPR scoring. Come Back!


I have listed my Current PPR Scoring Based Rankings with a Variation of my Old Risk Number. ADJ Tier Risk. I list the status of each RB as a 1 or 2 (Not 1). My PPR rankings are highly ranked and green stained and low ranked risk (green). Low Ranked PPR RBs in red and High Risk in red.

These tables are followed by my AREA Graphs of these tables. "See" the data!

The Area Graphs are of My Rankings (Yellow Shaded Area with my Rankings in Orange Text-boxes and Black Bold Numbers). Each RB's Risk number is graphed in the salmon colored graphs with my rankings in white text-boxes and green stained numbers. 

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