RB Rankings with Risk. 32 Action Packed Figures. Area Graphs New Way to "see" RBs by Ranks and Risk. Part 1

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STD Scoring RB Rankings with Risk. 
32 Action Packed Figures. 

Area Graphs New Way 

to "see" RBs by Ranks and Risks

Professor's Area Graphic Vision

I present my Std RB rankings by Area Graphs of each Team. I believe this is a better way to "see" relationships not easily seen. 

I follow each group of Area Graphs with my more traditional color coded tables.  

BAL is very interesting. A muddled mess of 3 RBs vs ARI with a clear RB 1 but unclear the RB2? ATL's RB 2 is ranked high that other Team's RB2. A solid Handcuff Deep Round ZERO RB kind of Pick!.

Part 2 Tomorrow-Troubled BackFields

I present a Double Area Graph and Placed the Risk Profile (Red) in front of my RB Ranking Profile (Blue)

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