RB Report, Current Predicted Role in the Team, Risk Analysis, Sleepers vs Anti-Sleepers, and My RB Ranks vs the Public

6/2/16 RB Report, 

Current Predicted Role in the Team, 

Risk Analysis, Sleepers vs Anti-Sleepers, 


My RB Ranks vs the Public

Table 1__Player_Team_Risk 
(Green Low vs Red is High Risk), 

My Rankings Scaled to the Average, 
The Current Public Ranks Scaled to the Average, 

Sleeper (Green)  Anti-Sleeper (Red) About Rights (Non-Color)

Team View with the Current RB Role Defined with Risk Analysis and Public's Ranks (Grand Total).

Roles are 
Clear RB1, 
Clear RB2, 
Clear RB3, 
RB1/2 (Team Fight for Top), 
RB2/3 (Team Fight for Second Spot), 
RB 3/4 (Team Fight for Third Spot)

RBs Grouped by Role Defined

RBs Defined by Role and RB Tiers (RB1 , RB 2 ...RB6th) 

With Risk and Public Ranks. 

Chart Below each Group

Visualize the Risk and Public's Thoughts Currently. 

Current Sleepers and Anti-Sleepers 6/3/16


Updated 2nd Edition with Current Ranking 6/2016 data (I added 145 pages of new goodness)

My Textbook for Winning Fantasy Football 

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