PPR WR Rankings And Risk Colorized Views of Teams and WR 1s vs others Part 1

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WR Rankings And Risk Colorized Views of Teams and WR 1s vs others.  Part 1

I present a team view! I think this is the first level to begin your journey into WR rankings. What is the nature of the stage where the WRs will play? 

I have marked out by light green color the team names. These I currently consider as having deeper WRs to fish for. Pay Attention!

I list out the current WR1 or Not (2). I have listed my rankings of the players which I have placed into different Risk levels (High Avg and Low)


These combo Area Graphs provide data aids. stroll them to get a feel for each player!

BLUE Area Graph Represents My Current Rankings

RED Area Graph Represents My Current Risk Assessments

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