WR Report Risk Ranks Sleepers and Team Analysis. Part 1

WR Report Risk Ranks Sleepers and Team Analysis. Part 1 

Part 2 on Wednesday
Part 3 on Friday. 

Risk and Risk Level (Green Low and Red is High Risk). 

Diff = sleeper potential (Green good Red Not)

TEAM WR Risk Analysis 

Do miss the type of team situation we can see using this data graphing. 

Compare ARI vs ATL. The WRs in the two Teams are different. 

We have 3 WR in ARI that are devoid of high risk while in ATL we have Jones as a low risk but the others are very high risk. 

Bal WRs are fairly balanced.

CAR WRs have a higher level of risk. K-BEN is coming back and we must place him in the average risk slot while the others are high risk.

This graphs are a sweet way to see the Risk Landscape! 

If drafting soon they should give you a depth of understanding of each Team's WRs.

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