Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Zero RB Answered . ZERO RB YES or NO? Guess what my data in my Textbook Says? Surprise its "Sometimes".

Analysis of Hypothetically Drafted Teams using data from the years 2013 to 2015 Seasons.

I knew last year the debate was going to rage so I did the homework and to find the answer to ZERO RB!

My program randomly sampled and constructed hypothetical teams. Each team was scored by the addition of all of the end of season’s points. Over 1500 hypothetical teams per pattern were created. 

One Pattern tested was ZERO RB. 

So I used the TOP Pre-Season ADP and selected the Top RBs and WRs but scored them by the end of Season Points!

If they got injured them the team that "drafted" them got few points. If the players did well, then those teams did well.

This is a tease of my Data from my Textbook.

ZERO RB- Sometimes!  Buy and Read the Book. Come on! Ok I will update after 7/5/16 with my current ranks. Wait to buy it then.

Not one pundit on the internet has brought this choice out. 

Articles say Yes and Articles say no!  

My Book says Sometimes and explains when you the reader should use ZERO RB!

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