Current Positional Analysis of 2QB, __ Dynasty PPR,___MFL10s, ___MFLPPR KEEPER, ___PPR, ___STD and __MFL PPR REDRAFT LEAGUES. Plus Bonus Data Stuff!

Current Positional Analysis of  

 2QB, __ Dynasty PPR,___MFL10s, ___MFLPPR KEEPER, ___


Plus Bonus Data Stuff!

The order is WR, TE RB QB DEF and PK. The Draft Pick By 12s is the X Axis. I use this type of data to plan my draft. See my posts on my MFL 10. I discussed my approach.

I also have included a data presentation that looks at Draft Picks and ADPs in each type of league. If the teams went strictly by the league's ADP, I list the number of each you would get.

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